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Quality Pharmacy Staffing Services

PharmPro Staffing offers a comprehensive range of services and support that decrease your operating costs while at the same time improving care.

For more about a specific service, please contact our office at 800-659-7440 option 1 or local at (610) 499-9040 option 1. You can also contact us via email at to learn more about the various services we offer.

Remote Data Entry Pharmacy Services

When your pharmacy needs to load data from a new customer, PharmPro provides Remote (Virtual, Off-Site) Pharmacy Data Entry Support to your organization. We have certified pharmacy technicians that are trained on various pharmacy systems including, Frameworks, QS-1 and HBS. Our technician team will work efficiently and effectively on data that needs to be entered into your system, managed in real time or handle special projects for new (existing) customers.

Benefits to Your Pharmacy
  • Ability to load new data effectively and efficiently
  • Framework, QS1, and Rx30 real time date entry support
  • Onsite and offsite staffing
  • System Training Support off-site, credential get people up to speed on your policies
  • Recovery, analayze when systems are broken we provide organic ways to help service and provide a resolution
  • Customer focused Training, Learn Senge Approach
  • Direct link to your operating system, via a VPN Connection
  • Seamless data entry process
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Reporting Support Available
  • Cost Effective, Saves on Overtime Costs, no Additional labor needed
Pharmacy Staffing Services
  • Staffing Support , Permanent, Temporary, Contract Contingency Services
  • Management Support
  • Medication Reconciliation Technician Services / on and off-site available
  • Network of Pharmacy Directors & Clinicians
  • Staff Education and Competency Program
  • Hospital and Long Term Care Staff In-Services
  • Call Center Staffing and Support
  • Pharmacy Consulting/Management

Need Support? It's a simple process: contact our Sales Division about your pharmacy needs. For more information about the various services we offer, please contact the main office at 800-659-7440 option 1 or e-mail us at .