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Mark Steltz, RPh, MBA

President & Chief Executive Officer

The energy and vision behind PharmPro Staffing is the CEO and President Mark Steltz. Mark is a registered pharmacist, with over twenty years of experience in the pharmacy industry. He is a graduate of the University of Sciences in Philadelphia and received his MBA in Business Administration from Drexel University. The philosophy behind the company comes from Mark's commitment to lead the company into the future with innovative services and products. PharmPro Staffing quickly grew due to his strong fundamental and unyielding belief that if we provide quality service with an emphasis on patient care, repeat business and growth will occur. PharmPro Staffing has grown it's various business lines throughout the last decade. The organization's name has become synonymous with quality, integrity, success, and the ultimate in patient safety.

Andrew Slowik, M.S.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Andrew has over twelve years of experience working for both public and private organizations. Andrew earned his Bachelors Degree in Communications and Public Relations from West Chester University. He also earned his dual Master of Science degrees in Marketing Management & Public Administration from Wilmington University (Delaware). Andrew's focus for PharmPro Staffing is to continue to develop all lines of business for the organization including, Staffing Support, Pharmacy Management, Consulting and Remote Services. Known and respected for his positive leadership, "can do" attitude, and caring personality, Andrew is most recognized for his excellent customer service skills and integrity when working with clients.

Jan Bellace

Chief Financial Officer

Jan Bellace has been the Chief Financial Officer for PharmPro Staffing for over 10 years, handling the day to day financial tasks. While at PharmPro Staffing. Jan consistently and effectively manages all staffing financial services as well as human resource functionalities throughout PharmPro Staffing. In addition to her role as the Chief Financial Officer for the organization, Jan has a vital role in handling all company policy and procedures within the organization-her focus is ensuring that PharmPro Staffing is managing to adapt to new healthcare standards as changes occur within the marketplace.

Nancy Macauley, CSP

Director of Staffing & Recruitment

Nancy has worked for PharmPro Staffing for over fifteen years, her role includes effectively managing staffing levels, full-cycle recruitment and call center operations for PharmPro. Nancy focuses on human resource functions within the organization, handling internal recruitment and retention of top talent. Nancy specializes in providing strategic planning and customizing recruitment strategies to our customer base. As part of her daily roles and responsibilities, Nancy has been extremely successful in directing both the development and growth of the recruitment team.