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Temporary Staffing Solutions

PharmPro provides support as needed to your pharmacy, or healthcare organization. We have various types of temporary pharmacy (healthcare) support that will fit your organization needs. Our temporary staff is available to provide Short Term, Long Term , Per Diem, Remote Solutions. Our employees are flexible and expandable allowing for a customized workflow function for small or large projects.


Our employees can adapt to your workflow. Small or large projects we have employees you can fill your temporary positions until the project is finished.

Temporary to Hire Option

Try out a PharmPro Employee, see how he/she performs in your work environment, culture and job standards. Our temporary to permanent option is a great way to see if our employee is a long term fit for your organization before you invest into them 100%. This is a great option if your looking to find that specialized candidate for your organization.

Remote Staffing

PharmPro offers remote pharmacist and technicians that provide support remotely in variety of ways. We provide prescription day time verification, order entry verification, call center support services.

Permanent Staffing Solutions

Backed by a successful track record of permanent and interim placements in the Pharmacy and Nursing (other healthcare) areas when our clients seek us to provide leadership and direct hire staffing solutions. We provide guaranteed placements on all of our direct hire, permanent staffing services 100% guarantees.

Guaranteed Placements

C-Level, Directors, Staff all types of management roles within in an organization. We specialize in healthcare level positions, however we work with a variety of customers in a variety of healthcare settings. 100% guarantee with a 90 day review.

Match Your Needs

Provide us with your hiring criteria, and we will send you the applicants that best fit. Focus your time finding the applicant that best suits your company instead of spending countless hours finding suitable matches. We will handle all of the recruiting, including interviews, setting up meetings with the applicants. We will provide a comprehensive check on the candidates skills and background before presenting

Trained Guaranteed

We ensure our employees are well trained and have received the proper education for the position you're hiring for.


I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to PharmPro for your services and the dedication in helping our organization fill our staffing needs. PharmPro has provided us with a tremendous service throughout the many years of working with them as a business partner. We look forward to continuing our relationship.

Human Resources Manager, Long Term Care Pharmacy Organization (Cherry Hill, New Jersey) "

Pharmacy Management

We provide both permanent and Interim pharmacy directors. We specialize in various areas of pharmacy management, including, hospital, specialty pharmacy, long-term care and retail operations. We provide a less intrusive, yet cost-effective alternative to a pharmacy management company.

PharmPro will partner with your organization and provide quality operational solutions while focusing on your organization's mission and goals.


We develop new pharmacy locations. We are constantly looking to welcome existing pharmacy locations into our network of pharmacies.

Buying Power

We possess the buying power necessary to obtain competitive pricing from our wholesalers. With decreasing reimbursements and increasing costs, our buying power helps to contribute to an increase in profits.


Our team at PharmPro can provide an oversight to your pharmacy operations, including a focused effort on Clinical and Operational Assessments. Our goal is to help your clinical team achieve success with your clients. In addition we offer 340 B support and 797 (800) policy reviews.

-System Implementation including best practices and identifying what technology and process is best for operating your pharmacy.
-Clinical and Compliance Review, Let our team of Clinical Pharmacy Experts provide insight and feedback to your team - we focus in a variety of areas including, 340 B, MTM, USP <797> and USP <800>. CMS Regulations and Star Ratings.
-Interim Pharmacy Leadership, including on-site staffing support when changes arise in your organization.

System Training and Support

We provide training on various software systems including Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and more. We can provide consultants to train your staff on these systems either on-site or remotely.

Support for Epic, Cerner, Siemens, Meditech, and more.

We work with all of the popular data entry systems, just let us know which one and we will provide the training consultants.

Education, Licensing, and Competency Program

We ensure all staff has the proper education and teach them how to use your systems and equipment.

Pharmacy Analytics

Let PharmPro identify where our services could provide cost savings and better workflow.

Let PharmPro identify where our services could provide cost savings and better workflow.

PharmPro offers off-site Remote Data Entry Including, on-boarding new clients in Frameworks LTC or QS-1 (RX-30), HBS. We have certified pharmacy technicians that are available to input new home or patient data into your operating system. Augment your staff today, utilize our flexible solutions for data entry support.


PharmPro has provided our hospital system with tremendous staffing support. We have worked with the organization for over ten years and they have always been attentive to our needs and filled roles for us with qualified candidates. We consider PharmPro to be a valued vendor and will continue to work with them as our need for staffing increases.

Director of Pharmacy, Large Teaching Hospital (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) "

Medication Therapy Management

Let our Certified Pharmacy Technician Team place calls to your Medicare or Medicaid Patients. We will handle all Adherence Calls and contact your patients (utilizing the CMS standards) set fourth-Or have our (MTM) Certified Pharmacist optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes for your pharmacy.

24 / 7 On Call Support

PharmPro provides on-call support to various healthcare customers. Contact us today to learn more about our various on-call solutions.

MTM and Adherence Call Support

(MTM) services improve the health outcomes of patients who take multiple medications for multiple chronic medical conditions - let our PharmPro Certified Technicians handle both MTM and Adherence based calls for your pharmacy.

Policy and Documentation Development

Our clinical healthcare team is available to help transition your paper process into a digital documentation library. We can reformat and or develop a new paperless document system for your pharmacy (healthcare) organization. We have various systems and programs that can assist with this process.

Policy and Documentation

We can reformat and develop a paperless documentation system to keep all of your pharmacy records that your team can access anywhere of your choosing.

Regulatory & HIPAA Compliance

We make sure our digital information systems follow HIPAA laws to protect confidential records.


I have been working with PharmPro exclusively for our clinical healthcare needs. PharmPro provides tremendous resources both on and off site as we have utilized both of these services. In addition the PharmPro staff has always been very courtesy and provides strong communication at all times. We plan on continuing to use there various services to help our organization's growth and sustainability.

Clinical Pharmacy Manager, Large Infusion Based Pharmacy Organization (Norwalk, Connecticut) "

Medical Marijuana Pharmacy Support

We welcome any questions that you may have regarding medical marijuana. We provide on-site Pharmacist Staffing support to various medical marijuana pharmacies in addition to consulting on various topic areas of the medical cannabis market. All of our medical professionals are in-house specialists and have provided expert guidance across all sectors of the pharmacy industry. Some of the services we commonly provide include:

Service Line Integration

Incorporation of medical marijuana and cannabis treatment into conventional and traditional measures while educating the public and physicians so that one day everyone has access to medical marijuana with their healthcare.

Rules, Regulations, and 4-Hour CME Course

PharmPro offers our pharmacist (consultants) the ability to take the Pennsylvania Department of Health's 4 hour medical cannabis training course with CE and CME credit hours provided for multiple disciplines. This interactive course is appropriate for all pharmacists and health professionals, and includes patient case studies, and opportunities for discussion. Medical cannabis educational courses are provided throughout the Substance Use Disorders through PharmPro's education offerings.

Strategic Pharmacy Business Planning

PharmPro offers pharmacies interested in learning or developing a cannabis business line the opportunity to utilize our consulting services for planning and business set up. The marketing strategy will be based on targeted advertisements, appealing to the customer's sense of value. The marketing campaign will increase awareness of the medical marijuana target market.

Business Management, Planning, and Consulting

For existing operators, we provide compliance auditing. The regulated cannabis industry is developing rapidly with evolving laws and regulations. Navigating through current and new regulations can be tedious and leaves you at risk. To assist our clients in addressing these challenges, we offer compliance monitoring and audits performed by our experienced and knowledgeable staff. The PharmPro team of consultants will maintain a full oversight of the cannabis industry while staying up to date on the new laws and regulations.

On Call and After Hour Support

Save lives through the prevention of medical errors by importing pharmacy knowledge and support throughout all areas of the medical field. We promote the profession of pharmacy as a gatekeeper in the prevention of medication errors and we work to enhance the efficiency of other healthcare professionals.

Real Time Support

Live and in real time, our pharmacists and technicians are available to answer all customer questions.

Delivery Service

Allow the PharmPro delivery service to handle your deliveries from your back-up pharmacy to your primary facility

Local IV Providers

Outsource your after-hour IV orders to an IV provider that is local to your facility

High Retention

Maintain a high level of retention within your pharmacy organization.

Daily Reporting

Customized reporting.

Delivery Service Available (24/7)

We partner with a dependable and cost affordable service.

Back Up Pharmacy Support (24/7)

We partner with a leading PBM partner to supply your pharmacy with a strong back up pharmacy network to service your customers.

Remote Data Entry Support

PharmPro offers off-site Remote Data Entry Support to your Pharmacy Operation. We have proven expertise in Framework LTC, Framework ECM, QS1, Docutrack, Suite RX, HBS, RX-30, Point Click Care and a variety of other systems.

Entering Prescription Data

Enter prescription data into your pharmacy operating system (as needed or on a regular basis).

On Boarding

On-boarding new Nursing Home Clients for your Long Term Care Pharmacy.

Flexible Staffing

A staffing solution that will help you augment your staff.

Short or Long term Support

We are available for short or long term projects.

Shared Support.

PharmPro provides a shared service solution with your pharmacy. PharmPro technicians and pharmacists can work along side your staff during the day or evening. We offer a variety of work for solutions that fit your organizations staffing needs.