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Medical Marijuana Pharmacy Support

PharmPro provides on-site Pharmacist Staffing Support to Medical Marijuana Pharmacy’s throughout the region. All of our medical professionals are in-house specialists and have provided expert guidance and consulting across all sectors of the medical marijuana pharmacy industry.

Some of the services we commonly provide include …

Integration of our Services

Incorporation of medical marijuana and cannabis treatment into conventional and traditional measures while educating the public and physicians so that one day everyone has access to medical marijuana with their healthcare.

Our Temporary or Contract Consulting Pharmacist go through the required state guidelines for Medical Marijuana Certification.

-PharmPro offers our pharmacist the ability to take the Pennsylvania (or other state requirement) Department of Health's 4 hour medical cannabis training course with CE and CME credit hours provided for multiple disciplines. This interactive course is appropriate for all pharmacists and health professionals, and includes patient case studies, and opportunities for discussion. Medical cannabis educational courses are provided throughout the Substance Use Disorders through PharmPro's education offerings.

Strategic Pharmacy Business Planning.

PharmPro offers pharmacies interested in learning or developing a cannabis business line the opportunity to utilize our consulting services for planning and business set up. The marketing strategy will be based on targeted advertisements, appealing to the customer's sense of value. The marketing campaign will increase awareness of the medical marijuana target market.

Business Management, Planning, and Consulting

For existing operators, we provide compliance auditing. The regulated cannabis industry is developing rapidly with evolving laws and regulations. Navigating through current and new regulations can be tedious and leaves you at risk. To assist our clients in addressing these challenges, we offer compliance monitoring and audits performed by our experienced and knowledgeable staff. The PharmPro team of consultants will maintain a full oversight of the cannabis industry while staying up to date on the new laws and regulations.