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Permanent Staffing Solutions

Backed by a successful track record of permanent and interim placements in the Pharmacy and Nursing (other healthcare) areas when our clients seek us to provide leadership and direct hire staffing solutions. We provide guaranteed placements on all of our direct hire, permanent staffing services 100% guarantees.

One of the fastest ways to find the candidates you desire.

Highly Skilled Recruiters

Our High Quality permanent placement staffing services will help your company to gain access to high quality candidates more quickly. Our recruiters are highly skilled at finding highly qualified candidates to fit your needs.

Guaranteed Placements

C-Level, Directors, Staff all types of management roles within in an organization. We specialize in healthcare level positions, however we work with a variety of customers in a variety of healthcare settings. 100% guarantee with a 90 day review.

Match Your Needs

Provide us with your hiring criteria, and we will send you the applicants that best fit. Focus your time finding the applicant that best suits your company instead of spending countless hours finding suitable matches. We will handle all of the recruiting, including interviews, setting up meetings with the applicants. We will provide a comprehensive check on the candidates skills and background before presenting.

Trained Guaranteed

We ensure our employees are well trained and have received the proper education for the position you're hiring for.